RWTH Aachen University and
E.ON Energy Research Center at RWTH

„Batteries are the most flexible form of energy storage.

Batteries can be installed in close proximity to the consumer and put into operation within a very short time. They can perform many kinds of grid services and support the local network as well the entire electrical energy system. Lithium ion and leadacid batteries offer different characteristics, the benefits of which have to be combined and exploited.”

Prof. Dirk Uwe Sauer
Institute for Power Electronics and Electrical Drives (ISEA) at RWTH Aachen University  


„Projects like M5BAT are absolutely essential for the practical implementation of the energy transition.

It is only when we start putting these projects into practise that we identify the challenges we’re really up against and the hurdles that will have to be overcome.”

Dr. Christian Folke
Uniper Project Manager

Exide Technologies

„Exide Technologies regards innovative energy storage solutions as a key element for the expansion of renewable energies. As part of its innovation strategy Exide is investing in the development and optimisation of its electrochemical storage solutions.

Innovative lead acid systems offering a long design service life, attractive TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and complete recyclability are playing a major role in the development of renewable energies.”

Michael Geiger
Vice President Sales & Marketing Europe


“The integration of large storage systems into the grid is absolutely crucial to achieving an electricity supply that is 100% renewable.

Such systems stabilise the output of renewable energies and help stabilise electricity networks. The research project will allow us to obtain important insights into future application conditions for large battery inverters in the electricity grid. The aim is to develop a modular, flexible and scalable battery-inverter system concept capable of providing all important system services in the grid.”

Volker Wachenfeld
Senior Vice President Hybrid & Storage atSMA

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