Motivation + Objectives

Energy is the driving force

Concerns about global climate change have led to the expansion of energy generation from renewable sources like wind, water, solar, biomass and geothermal power. geführt. For the most part, electricity from these energy sources cannot be generated on demand, because this form of energy is available only for example where and when the wind is blowing or the sun is shining.

The expansion of renewable power generation from wind and solar, as well as changing patterns of consumption, are already making the storage of energy indispensable. As electricity generation and consumption constantly fluctuate, temporal and geographical imbalances occur.

At present, conventional power plants are still tasked with compensating for these imbalances in generation and consumption. Energy storage systems, however, allow supply and demand to be isolated from these temporal and geographical constraints and can offset these disparities.

As renewable energies continue to expand, the task of providing balancing energy is becoming more challenging. Battery storage systems could take over this job and make a substantial contribution to grid stability.

M5BAT - Energy supply for tomorrow

With their development of new, modern and environmentally compatible technologies, the M5BAT project partners aim to actively contribute to facilitating an energy supply based on distributed renewable energies.

Technically innovative energy storage devices foster creative ideas for new systems and the willingness to also demonstrate how they work in practice. The M5BAT project was initiated to test the technical and economic viability of battery storage systems. The establishment of the M5BAT facility with its various battery storage technologies and the subsequent trading of capacities on the energy market offer a good opportunity to gauge the system’s cost effectiveness.

The insights that M5BAT is expected to provide will therefore benefit the entire energy industry, especially as a means of supporting the goal of low CO2 power generation.

Moreover, the prototype facility can also be used to trial other battery technologies.


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