RWTH University Aachen is responsible for the project management of M5BAT with the support of the E.ON Energy Research Center and the Institute for Power Systems and Energy Economics (IAEW) 



RWTH Aachen University

RWTH Aachen is participating in the "M5BAT" project in conjunction with several other institutes. The project is being coordinated by Professor Sauer, whose department is part of the university’s Institute of Power Generation and Storage Systems (PGS).


E.ON Energy Research Center at RWTH

Operation of the facility, system integration and scientific support for the project is provided by the E.ON Energy Research Center, which is part of RWTH Aachen. The Institute for Power Generation and Storage Systems (PGS) headed by Professors De Doncker and Sauer, as well as the Institute for Energy Efficient Buildings and Indoor Climate (EBC) led by Professor Müller, are contributing to the project their expertise in battery system technology and power electronics (PGS) and energy-efficient buildings (EBC).


The Institute for Power Systems and Power Economics (IAEW) under the leadership of Professor Moser is investigating and testing various marketing models in cooperation with Uniper.


The following industry partners are responsible for the planning and implementation of M5BAT and supply of the technical components.




Uniper is responsible for both the planning and configuration of the battery storage system and the development and testing of marketing strategies for future products in the energy market.

Exide Technologies

Exide Technologies is contributing its innovative VRLA gel and copper stretch metal technologies that feature excellent cycle stability and high-current capability.


The highly flexible battery inverters from SMA facilitate system scalability and modularity.


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