Control and monitoring

The energy storage system will be controlled fully automatically on the basis of requirements predefined by the storage system trader.

To this end, the control signal from the trader will be transferred from the control room to the battery system. Within the storage system, control and monitoring will be effected by an instrumentation and control system also known as a SCADA system.

Security of supply guaranteed

The SCADA system incorporated into the storage facility consists of industry-standard automation and/or control technology components such as PLCs and computers.

To monitor the energy storage system, information is first gathered on the current operating status of the individual batteries, inverters, ventilation and air conditioning systems and other components, for example the current state of charge of the batteries.

This information is then used to produce a general overview of the status of the facility which is passed on to the storage trader, ensuring continuous monitoring of the facility.

The control of the energy storage system functions in a similar way. The power requests of the storage trader are checked for plausibility and corresponding charging or discharging requests are passed on to inverters and batteries.

SCADA-System = Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System

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