Shaping the future through energy

The standout features of the lead batteries used in the M5BAT project are their optimised high current capability and long cycle life expectancy.

Basically, lead batteries are divided into two main categories: flooded or sealed.
Flooded or wet cell lead batteries have cells with a liquid electrolyte and are extremely reliable and low-maintenance.
Sealed or VRLA (Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid battery) lead batteries include both gel and AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries.
The distinctive feature of the gel technology is that the electrolyte is suspended in the gel, which achieves very high cycle life.
In AGM technology, the liquid electrolyte is contained in a glass mat. VRLA technology is maintenance-free with no need to top up the battery with water.
Modern lead acid batteries are environmentally compatible, efficient, low/no-maintenance and store energy reliably. They also achieve a recycling rate of up to 99%.


The all-rounder

Maximum performance thanks to CSM (Copper Stretch Metal) technology

  • Thanks to the copper stretch metal grid, the stationary CSM technology offers maximum performance and cycle stability
  • The water replenishment system and electrolyte circulation help improve the long-term efficiency of the battery
  • Applied battery: 600 x 16 OCSM 2320 LA
  • Total AC capacitiy: ~ 1,400 kWh

The tough one

Reliable energy storage properties

  • The VRLA gel technology was specifically optimised for high cyclic loads
  • The electrolyte is fixed in gel (dryfit technology)
  • No-maintenance (no water top-up)
  • Applied battery: 306 x A602 1960C Solar
  • Total AC capacitiy: ~ 400 kWh

The perfect system

Turnkey energy storage system for all applications

  • With VRLA gel technology
  • Complete battery room available
  • Meets the requirements of EN 50272-2 (standard for stationary lead battery)
  • System comes with air conditioning and ventilation
  • Delivered pre-assembled (plug and play)
  • Battery monitoring and management system also included
  • Applied system: 2 x Restore 500
  • Total AC capacitiy: ~ 570 kWh


Energy storage systems from EXIDE Technologies

  • Exide batteries are used in almost all areas of daily life
  • More than 100 years’ experience with batteries and battery storage systems
  • Maximum quality and flexibility
  • High performance and cycle stability

Sustainability and recycling

Unlike other energy storage technologies, lead batteries allow a recycling rate of more than 99%. The lead that is recovered is used to make new lead batteries, ensuring a cost-efficient and sustainable process.

Specifics of lead batteries

During the discharging process, lead (negative) and lead oxide (positive) are converted into lead sulphate.
The electrolyte (diluted sulphuric acid) is actively involved in the chemical reaction.
And the fact that – from a chemical perspective – both plates contain the same material (PbSO4) is what is typical of this specific type of rechargeable battery.

One cycle comprises one discharging phase and one charging phase.
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