Energy on demand

The battery inverter systems (also known as converters) used in M5BAT ensure an optimum, flexible and scalable connection of the various battery types to the grid.

The inverters charge the batteries from the electricity network and during subsequent discharge convert the direct current from the batteries to grid-compliant alternating current.

A broad DC voltage range, a highly developed control system and optimum adaptation to the different storage technologies allow lithium-ion, lead and other batteries to be used singly and in combination. In addition, the inverter systems have been designed specifically to provide a wide range of network system services and will ensure connection to the distribution network via medium-voltage transformers.

The SMA battery inverter system von SMA

For the M5BAT project, SMA produced an innovative, modular, high-output battery inverter system that meets the new kinds of requirements for using battery storage in the grid.

  • With two modular inverters each rated 630 kW
  • Innovative battery system controller as management system
  • Compatible with the different storage technologies and systems of the project partners
  • Connected to distribution network via medium-voltage transformers

Ten modular 630 kVA battery inverters are applied in the M5BAT pilot plant. All different battery lines are individually controlled by these inverters with a total power of 5MW. Two inverters can be combined in “twin-operation” for larger battery lines.

New technologies for new applications


Innovative energy supply technologies such as wind and solar energy call for an intelligent, on-grid integration of storage systems in the megawatt category. SMA has met these requirements with special solutions and a new generation of battery inverters. The main focus areas of the associated research activities in the M5BAT project are as follows:

  • Conceptual design and evaluation of a modular, flexible and scalable battery inverter system solution
  • Investigation of the ideal connection and control of various battery technologies
  • Realisation of adapted communication interfaces and protocols for connection to higher level control centres
  • Development of a battery system controller to control the system
  • Elaboration of a reliable technical safety concept
  • Investigation of future use cases for utilising the storage system in the grid and energy sector and its technical requirements

Firstly, all functionalities of the new battery inverter system will be tested in comprehensive laboratory tests. In subsequent M5BAT pilot operation, SMA will work with the other partners to evaluate operating strategies for the technical and economic optimisation of the battery inverter system, storage technologies and overall system. The use of the battery inverter system in the medium-voltage network will provide important insights into the configuration, safety and control technology of future systems and will at the same time demonstrate their operating behaviour and the costs involved.

SMA battery-
inverters for integration of battery storage ensure:

  • Frequency-dependent control of the supply of active power to the grid
  • Voltage stability
  • Power supply in the event of a grid outage
  • Grid bottleneck management
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